About Northwest Scada

Northwest Scada is a leading company in Canada in providing technological solutions to optimize your weather data tracking and monitoring systems. We are synonymous with efficiency, quality assurance, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are your trusted distributor of SCADA and telemetry equipment, offering on and off-grid systems, weather stations, programmable logic controllers, solar chargers, and the most advanced system management software. So that you don’t lack anything, and are permanently at the forefront of your industry, always rely on Northwest Scada.

State-of-the-art technology and unparalleled efficiency converge in the essence of our systems, designed specifically to leave behind the constraints of conventional models. Hand in hand with Northwest Scada, it’s time to face the contemporary paradigm with cutting-edge tools that allow you to make the most of your space, resources, money, and time.

Join the revolution of progress with Northwest Scada!

Our Mission

Our profound commitment to the technological development of our clients’ processes has led us to offer a completely personalized service for accurate weather data tracking and advanced monitoring systems for more than two years. 

Our trained and highly seasoned team of technicians and experts is always at your complete disposal to assess your specific situation and offer you an action plan adapted to your needs, driven by our mission to enhance your technological infrastructure with practical and affordable solutions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Agriculture Weather and Control Systems
  • Aviation/Airports Weather and Automation Systems
  • Forestry Weather Systems
  • Oil and Gas Automation and Monitoring Systems
  • Utilities Automation and Monitoring Systems
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Automation and Monitoring Systems

What We Provide

Northwest Scada specializes in the distribution and implementation of small network and industrial monitoring services. In our technology solutions catalogue, you will find the latest products from RainWise, Flexscada, and Inspeed, of which we are proud authorized distributors.

Programmable Logic Controllers – PLC

Our PLC systems are designed around simple implementation technology and fast execution, allowing you to automate your project processes with low maintenance and custom installation. Our smart solutions allow detecting different types of process signals, and elaborating and sending actions according to what has been programmed.

MPPT Regulators

With our advanced MPPT regulators, you will get more out of your P.V. modules and have compatible access to many panels that are not employable with other regulators on the market. Avoid losses due to low voltage and high intensity in direct current thanks to our possibility of adding panels in series with a total voltage higher than that of the battery bank.

Weather Stations

Since 1974, RainWise has led the industry on the advancement of weather monitoring technology from the development of the Remote Reading Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge to the invention of the first digital weather station. Anyone, from bush pilots, hobbyists, and farmers, to RV’ers can acquire reliable local weather data thanks to our climate detection systems.


We supply the most complete and effective range of sensors for all types of professional applications or from the comfort of your home. For measuring the charge, discharge, and load current for any use, anemometers, e-vanes, and all instruments for wind-energy application, as well as advanced waterproof probes to accurately detect temperature, humidity, and rain.

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