Commercial Energy Solutions

We understand how important it is to cut cost the cost of power which is why we work to ensure reliable power and products that you can count on for all your commercial off grid undertakings. Our products are built to withstand harsh Canadian weather and exposure often sustained in remote locations, while still remaining power efficient. Taking your business off grid has never been more possible, attractive or reliable.

Net Metering

Running a business is expensive and thinking of ways to save money can help. Net Metering offers a great way to save money on real estate your business may have.

Power Back-up

Downtime cost money. When the powers out you cant make money. Back up power systems can help keep you operating reliably even when power is out for various reasons.

Off-grid Systems

Taking your business off grid is a game changer. Imagine no bills to pay to the hydro company! You business is self sufficient! Solar power is an amazing way to turn your business around and be on the cutting edge of technology.

Weather Monitoring

The weather can play a major roll in what you do and how you succeed. Whether you are a farmer, in aviation, construction or more weather stations can help you predict what’s next and keep your works safe.

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