Keeping our customers and team safe during COVID-19.

At Northwest Scada our highest importance is our customers. Allowing our customers access to Live Chat on our website or on one of your favourite platform it allows our team to stay safe and empowers your team to continue working from home. Allowing for incredible service to our customers.

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Empowering you and your employees

We are incredibly proud to offer state of the art yet simple to you remote telemetry and control systems and sensors to help keep you safe and allow for you and your team to continue to work while from the safety of your home. These devices are robust yet simply to use empowering the user. Help keep yourself and your employees safe well keeping your infrastructure operational.

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Flexs Q5 – Remote Telemetry and Control Unit

Specially built for remote off-grid scada applications requiring extreme robustness, low power consumption and ease of use. The Q5 provides 8 solid state relays for extensive on/off control of your remote devices. Providing you with full control. With the 8 voltage monitoring terminals available battery voltage monitoring, wind turbine voltage monitoring and so much more is available to you. On board logic is also available for controlling the relay switches with timers or based on analog input thresholds.

AmpX 100 – Non-Invasive Current Sensor

The 100 Amp Non-Invasive Current Sensor  is a rugged little sensor built for measuring charge, discharge and load current for any application. Each sensor is fully isolated and non invasive which makes installation as easy as routing your wire through the sensor.

Wind Speed & Direction Sensors

Specializing in wind instruments for home and business use, portable applications, weather and storm spotting, wind energy applications, and all sorts of wind-related sports.

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