Flexs C2

Next Generation Condition Monitoring

Take control and put your mind at rest with the this start of the art condition monitoring device. Monitor the health of your machinery with hassle free monitoring. Easy to use web interface allows for seamless monitoring over all your machines and devices.

This system is designed for plug and play use and can be up and running in 30 minutes or less, with full capability with WIFI and long range LORAWAN networks. On board Bluetooth allows your smartphone to become a advanced analysis instrument.

Access to advanced 3D analyses and diagnoses are completely unique the this platform allowing imbalance, wearing and defects to be accurately assessed.


Accelerometer Type: ICP, 24V 3.5ma excitation
Channels: 4x fully differential simultaneous sampling
Sampling Rate: 16 to 250KSPS, 24bit
Noise Floor: -110db @ 250ksps, -114 @ 128ksps
Peak Analyses Memory: 64mb (250x 1024 point fft’s on all 4 channels for waterfall plots, etc)
FFT Resolution: Up to 16384 points,  Sub HZ resolution
Temperature Sensors: up to 64 digital .1c accurate DS18b20 magnetic mount temperature sensors.
Connectivity: Wifi (Up to 1km), LORAWAN (up to 10km), Bluetooth 4.2 (Smartphone interface used for configuration and setup)
Power Supply: Wireless Inductive Energy Harvesting, Solar or External power supply (4-30 vac/vdc)
Environmental Rating: IP65 (Washdown from any angle), -40C to 85C (Industrial Spec) <99%RH Non Condensing, 5G Impulse
Physical: 108x100x30mm, (Magnetically Mounted)

Where to buy

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  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Fluid cavitation monitoring
  • Shaft alignment diagnostics
  • Dynamic balance assessments
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Railway track analysis and monitoring
  • Engine Health Monitoring

Target Industries:

  • Mining and Ore Processing
  • Energy Production
  • Marine Power-systems
  • Wood, Paper and pulp processing
  • Industrial Machining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Processing


We are proud to be BC and Alberta’s first and only FlexScada Authorized Reseller and Distributor. We offer a wide range of installation and Setup, Maintenance, Monitoring, training services to best assist you and your business needs. Visit our industrial services page for more information