Flexs Q5

Advanced Off-Grid Scada

Introducing the Flexs Q5. Specially built for remote off-grid scada applications requiring extreme robustness, low power consumption and ease of use.

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Beautiful, Elegant, Expandable

This device features a beautiful, high quality design.

Offering 8 powerful voltmeter inputs and load switch relays provide onsite power monitoring, programmable digital fusing with auto retry and notifications.

Ethernet, Wifi and LTE on board give you access to monitor and adjust from anywhere in the world

With the  built-in and upgraded state of the art web interface with mobile friendly compatibility programming and monitoring as never been so easy.

This device is Grafana ready just like its predecessor the Flexs Q4.


  • Remote Repeaters
  • Telecommunication Sites
  • Battery or Solar powered Telemetry and Scada
  • External Fusing
  • Expandable modules
  • Multi Platform Web Interface

Technical Details

Wifi, Ethernet and LTE Options

-40 to -80C Industrial Rated

9-60V DC (Reverse polarity and surge protected)

typ 0.8 Watts @ 12 Volts

157mm X 108mm x 40mm

Din or Screw Mount

8X Universal Type Inputs

0.0005V @ +60V Range

0.00004V precision @ +5V Range

16KSPS Sample Rate

8x Solid State 10A Max with current sensing

ES6 mJS Javascript

Models and Pricing

Flexs Q4 – $450 USD

Ethernet + Wifi

8 Universal Inputs, 8 Relay Switches, Expansion Interface

Flexs Q5 Pro – $750 USD

Ethernet, Wifi and nB IoT Cat 13 LTE

Relay current sensing, Digital programmable fuses, backup replaceable fuses.

Where to buy

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