Flexs Q5

Remote Site Telemetry and Control

The Flexs Q5 is the next generation in telemetry and control systems. The Q5’s thoughtful design was created with ease of use in mind. The low power consumption makes this device perfect for on and off grid installations where power consumption is crucial.

For more information on the flexs products and more visit flexscada.com

The Flexs Q5 is built from the ground up to be rugged and features all 100% ECC Memories and Solid state design supporting IPv6 connectivity for a long product lifecycle.

Offering 8 powerful voltmeter inputs, 8 load switch relays, programmable digital fusing with auto retry and notifications.

Ethernet and wifi give you access to monitor and adjust the device from anywhere in the world.

With the built in, upgraded web interface and mobile friendly compatibility, programming and monitoring is simple for the consumer.

The Flexs Q5 is Grafana ready just like its predecessor the Flexs Q4.


  • Remote Telecom and Wireless Repeater Sites
  • Solar & Wind Monitoring
  • Remote Telmetry and Envoironmental Monitoring.
  • SCADA and Zone Metering
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines.
  • Well Site Monitoring
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flow Metering
  • Railways, Highways and Ocean Buoys.
  • Off-Grid Systems
  • Intrusion/Security Monitoring and Control (Including Door Sensors)
  • Morningstar MPPT Charge Controller Support

The device can be  powered though 9-60V 0.6A @ 12V DC Power Supply, 12V or 24V Battery, or 24V Passive POE.

Connect to the device through Ethernet or Wifi to connect to the onboard web interface. Device can be connected to the Internet though the Ethernet port.

Intelligent DC Power Distribution

Eight Insulated Load Switches /W Current Monitoring & Digital Fusing

  • Digital Fusing with programable current limit, trip delay and automatic retry
  • high accuracy 2ma precision current monitoring on each switch
  • Solid-State Insulated design supports unlimited switching cycles.
  •  Up to 10A / 60V Rating (robust 200A @ 10ms surge rate)

User Friendly

Simply connect your laptop to the devices wifi gots-on and open your favourite web browser.

No software installation or licensing. Ever!

Everything is standalone configurable right from the web browser.

Flexs Q5 High Voltage Reducer

This inline voltage reducer is designed to all you to measure voltages beyond 60V from the Flexs Q5.

It connects inline between your voltage source and the input channel on the Flexs Q5 increasing the maximum voltage range from 60V to 300V

The connectors are rated at up to 300V and the voltage scaling components up to 1.5kv providing protection against large surges and transient events.

Flexs Q5 DC Power Distributor

Converts the Flexs Q5’s 8 relay switches into 8 switched dc power ports which draw power from the 2 pin screw terminal.

Allows for simplified installation removing the need for a separate bus bar when all loads can be powered from a common source.

Do not purchase the part if you require low side switching or more complicated switching configurations.

Flexs Q5 and MorningStar Integration

The Flexs Q5 utilizes the it’s Internet Protocol (IP) and SNMP service to seamlessly integrate into the Morningstar Tristar MPPT, PWM Models.

Monitoring your Morningstar Charge Controller is a simple as connected each device to network. Then easily connect the Charger to the device though IP and select your perimeters. Easy as that. You can monitor Chargers onsite or remotely though Public IP.

With the addition of this service the Flexs Q5 becomes a crucial piece to the puzzle allowing for seamless integration and control. Monitoring solar charge on the Q5 not only allows you to know information such as charge current now you can automate controls at a deeper level but starting and stopping operations on charge voltages instead of just battery voltages.

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