Flexs Q5

Remote Site Telemetry and Control

The Flexs Q5 is the next generation in telemetry and control systems. The Q5’s thoughtful design was created with ease of use in mind. The low power consumption makes this device perfect for on and off grid installations where power consumption is crucial.

For more information on the flexs products and more visit flexscada.com

The Flexs Q5 is built from the ground up to be rugged and features all 100% ECC Memories and Solid state design supporting IPv6 connectivity for a long product lifecycle.

Offering 8 powerful voltmeter inputs, 8 load switch relays, programmable digital fusing with auto retry and notifications.

Ethernet and wifi give you access to monitor and adjust the device from anywhere in the world.

With the built in, upgraded web interface and mobile friendly compatibility, programming and monitoring is simple for the consumer.

The Flexs Q5 is Grafana ready just like its predecessor the Flexs Q4.


  • Remote Telecom and Wireless Repeater Sites
  • Solar & Wind Monitoring
  • Remote Telmetry and Envoironmental Monitoring.
  • SCADA and Zone Metering
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines.
  • Well Site Monitoring
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) and Flow Metering
  • Railways, Highways and Ocean Buoys.
  • Off-Grid Systems

View a live demo of a Flexs Q5 in action

Password: flexscada