About FlexSCADA

FlexSCADA specialises in modern and reliable solutions for off-grid SCADA,  It’s products have been deployed around the world to monitor remote telecommunication sites, seismic stations and oil/gas sites where they have garnered a reputation for reliability, usability and performance.

FlexSCADA offers a line of off the shelf embedded control and monitoring products with Ethernet, Wifi, IoT LTE and satellite connectivity. FlexSCADA also provides custom design and engineering solutions for requirements outside our standard products.  Our engineers each have as much as 30 years of experience in embedded controls technology. All products are proudly designed and made in Canada!

FlexSCADA sales & engineering office is located in Lytton, BC Canada, Production facilities are also located in BC Canada, FlexSCADA is self funded, debt free, and privately owned by engineers who value quality product over flashy marketing and a fat ad budget.

FlexSCADA has never taken grant money nor military funding to develop our products and they are free of ITAR controls.