Industrial Energy Solutions

Here at Northwest SCADA we understand how important it is to reduce the cost of power consumption that comes with off the grid living. Weather you are utilizing generators, fuel or on the grid power, we are here to offer a more reliable and affordable switch to off grid living.

Oil and Gas

At all phases of the operational life process, oil, gas and mining companies can benefit from the understanding of environmental and local weather and conditions that real-time monitoring systems as ours provide. By automating data gathering, all possible environmental events can be accurately monitored.

Weather-related production accidents or problems can be avoided if reliable information is available. From basic data recording to advanced control systems, Northwest SCADA has the right tools!


Through the introduction of technologies applied to agriculture, production systems have evolved not only in the results of their crops, but even the profitability of the business thanks to advances in agrotechnology developed by Northwest SCADA. We understand the technological needs of farmers and offer solutions adapted to the sometimes-complex problems that the field can face.

In this category you will find an extensive catalog of weather stations and sensors, designed to provide reliable data on wind, temperature, rainfall and soil moisture, along with other tools that will greatly facilitate your agricultural production tasks in the field.


Dirt, rain, wind and frost continuously act on agricultural and forestry machinery, making performance in silviculture a very variable factor, depending on these weather conditions. In order to make more effective the work of forestry is necessary to have the most advanced environmental measurement systems, and in Northwest SCADA we have what you are looking for.

To be able to calculate the abundance or scarcity of rainfall, check the power of the wind or always be aware of the temperature and humidity of the area is not just recommended, but necessary. On it depends the optimization of your resources, as well as to be able to assure the correct maintenance of them. Get the most updated range of pluviometers, anemometers, waterproof temperature sensors and other tools that will make your forestry work much smoother.


Northwest SCADA provides a diverse line up of telecommunications technology to help you keep your critical operations running when it matters most.

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