IOTA Power Converters and Battery Chargers

 Powering your way

The DLS-X series of power converters and battery chargers are the newest and most advanced line of chargers offered by Iota Engineering. They are specifically designed to operate dependably, even in the most demanding and unpredictable electrical conditions for charging lead-acid batteries and powering DC loads. You can expect the same attention to quality and performance that the Iota DLS chargers have become known for in the industry. These are perfectly suited for solar and renewable energy systems, RV’s, telecommunications sites, security systems, signaling equipment, and much more.

The DLS-X chargers deliver clean and reliable DC power for devices and battery charging applications. They have integral safety and protection circuitry that guards against AC voltage spikes, brown-out conditions, and reverse polarity connections. It comes with a 36 inch NEMA electrical cord with a three-prong polarized plug. The 15, 45, and 55 Amp models in 12 Volts all use a standard plug rated for 15 Amps AC. The 75 Amp model uses a plug designed for 20 Amps AC and the 90 Amp model uses a plug designed for 30 Amps AC. The output connections are standard block terminals for the negative and positive wires. The terminals will accept wire sizes from #16 AWG to #2 AWG. The block terminals are connected to the built-in reverse polarity protection which consists of different size blade fuses that are sized according to the model of charger you have. The chargers also have proportional cooling fan control that will automatically adjust the fan speed depending upon the temperature of the unit.

The SDC battery chargers are also capable of advanced four-stage charging when used with the optional Iota IQ4-X charge control module. The IQ4-X easily attaches to the back of the DLS-X charger and automatically adjusts the charging algorithms for peak performance and extended battery life. The unit cycles your batteries through a bulk charge, absorption, float charge, and equalization. If you plan to keep you batteries connected to the charger for long periods of time or will be frequently discharging and charging the batteries, you will certainly benefit from adding the IQ4-X to your system.