MorningStar TriStar MPPT Charge Controllers

Morningstar is global manufacturer of quality solar charge controllers, and are the #1 brand in industrial power systems. Their controllers are a popular choice with smaller cottage and home systems. Morningstar features include full pulse width modulation for precise battery charging without gassing, and other features including optional metering, and with 5 year warranties.

Each sensor is fully isolated and non invasive which makes installation as easy as routing your wire through the sensor.

The latest innovations from Morningstar are the TriStar MPPT battery charge controllers. Two models: 45 and 60 amps, and all arwork with 12, 24 or 48V battery systems. The MPPT advantage over traditional controllers is higher energy harvesting from the solar array, achieved by pulling the energy out at a much higher voltage. You can wire the solar array at 150VDC to charge a 12V, 24 or 48V battery. This also allows the array cable to be smaller, the array placed further away and to use higher voltage panels.