AmpX 100

 Non-Invasive 100A Current Sensor

The Non-Invasive 100A Current Sensor is a rugged sensor built for measuring charge, discharge and load current for any application.

Each sensor is fully isolated and non invasive which makes installation as easy as routing your wire through the sensor.

  • Solar Charge Current Monitoring
  • Wind Turbine Battery Charge Current Monitoring
  • Battery Load Amps
  • AC Load Amperage
  • DC Load Amperage

The AMPX-100 has two through-holes available for screw mounting.

The included Din Rail Mount can be attached here with provided M3 screws.

*A voltmeter is just one option to read the output signal. There are many products that can read the output voltage and automatically do the calculations to show the output as amperage. The AMPX-100 was specifically designed with the FlexsQ5 by FlexSCADA in mind.

*Sensors are factory calibrated between 0-100A, however the sensor is capable of measuring up to 150A without damaging the sensor. Accuracy beyond 100A is not guaranteed.

Download the AmpX 100 DataSheet/QuickStart Guide for more information and calibration details.

Technical Details

Weight: 0.099208 lbs
Dimensions: 1.751969 × 0.354331 × 1.673228 in
Supply Voltage: 5.0 V
Supply Current: 15 mA
Quiescent Output Voltage: 2.485 to 2.515 V (2.5 V Typical)
Operating Temperature: 40 to 70° C (-40 to 158° F)
Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% Noncondensing
Mounting Options: Screw Down or Din Rail Mountable
Enclosure Materials: Flame Retardant ABS & Epoxy Potted
Sensing Range*: ±0 to 100A
Accuracy: ±0.1A
Output Voltage Range: 0-5V