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Rainwise TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry

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The latest technology in remote connectivity offering a standalone data access module for RainWise wireless weather stations.

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The next generation TeleMET II cellular telemetry unit offers the ultimate flexibility for transmitting weather data from the MK-III and AgroMET lines of weather stations to online cloud portal. The TeleMET II also delivers RainWise weather station data to other portals serviced by such as the Weather Underground PWS network. RainWise API’s are also available for easy integration of data into 3rd party sites.

  • Plug & Play configuration – No need for external software or Static IP address.
  • Models supporting CDMA via 2G (optional G3) Verizon Cell service for the US & GSM 3G via Micro SIM card for worldwide data service.
  • Full data logging capabilities for up to 6 Months at 15 minutes data intervals using on-board flash memory.  Data can be retrieved through the on-board USB port.
  • Zigbee Wireless Receiver for communication to the family of RainWise MK-III weather stations including the AgroMet Agricultural station.
  • Can be positioned up to a mile (with direct-line-of-sight) from the weather station.
  • Uploads diagnostic information to monitor system health.
  • Flexible power options allow it to be configured to use standard power supplied (9-15V/1Amp peak), a self-contained PV/Battery Power Pack from RainWise (via 10Watt solar panel & a 7.5V Battery with MPP charge controller), or 3rd party vendors.
  • Solar and wired power options
  • 2 year warranty

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