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Rainwise – WindLog Wind Data Logger

A compact, inexpensive wind data logger designed to meet the needs of people considering the purchase of a wind turbine. Develop your own accurate wind study to optimize your turbine placement and its performance.

CAD $483.26

A support mast is included with the WindLog. This mast can be used with the RainWise Mono Mount, and tripod. The mast may also be attached to a support structure using U-Bolts or lag screws.

Allows the wind sensor to be mounted 50 or 100 feet away and provides easy ground level access to the data logger.

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The WindLog samples every second. Both average and gust readings are stored at the selected interval. With the new 2 MB memory the logger can record for over 3 months a 1-minute rate. WindSoft, can generate statistics, graphs and reports. It also can export CSV files for use with Microsoft Excel or any other application that supports CSV files.

  • The Mini-Aervane wind sensor is equipped with low friction race bearings. This reduces the threshold to approximately 1 mile per hour.  The wind direction sensor has a 16-point resolution. Logged direction readings are averaged readings.
  • 2 MB of flash memory stores over a years’ worth of wind data at a 10 min logging interval
  • Operates on 3 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries. – Typical life should be around 6 months. Lithium batteries are recommended for cold environments. When connected to a computer the WindLog will use the USB ports power to run. This further extends the life of the batteries.
  • Uses USB power when connected to a computer- The WindLog ships with a 15-foot USB cable. This is the maximum standard USB cable length. A USB extender is available that will allow you to extend this cable to 100 feet using CAT5e network cable.
  • USB port provides fast downloads.
  • Includes WindSoft- Free Windows Software Package – Each WindLog ships with a free Windows based application, WindSoft. The software uses an SQLite database to track and record wind information. While connected, WindSoft will update the database every minute. Downloaded data is integrated into the database. By combining both logged and real-time data the WindLog can be used both online and offline.
  • Logs average speed, wind gust, and average direction.
  • User selectable logging intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • A support mast is included with the WindLog. This mast can be used with the RainWise Mono Mount, and tripod. The mast may also be attached to a support structure using U-Bolts or lag screws.

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