Flexs Q5 – Advanced Off-Grid Scada

Introducing the Flexs Q5. Specially built for remote off-grid scada applications requiring extreme robustness, low power consumption and ease of use. The Q5 provides 8 solid state relays for extensive on/off control of your remote devices. Providing you with full control. With the 8 voltage monitoring terminals available battery voltage monitoring, wind turbine voltage monitoring and so much more is available to you. On board logic is also available for controlling the relay switches with timers or based on analog input thresholds.

Breeze Station – Advanced Off-Grid Weather Station

Introducing Breeze Station. Specially built for weather professionals and enthusiasts. Customizable for any setting the breeze station allows you to add whatever you would like to best suite your needs. Add a rain gauge, camera, more temperature sensors, and so much more.

Specializing in wind instruments for home and business use, portable applications, weather and storm spotting, wind energy applications, and all sorts of wind-related sports.

The HD was introduced in order to allow for Reed, Hall, and Optical sensors, which are all available, and to allow tube mounting.  (Also has the same body as the e-Vane). It is easily serviceable.  It has a longer shaft which makes it less prone to vibrate and is hence more durable than the Classic.

Inspeed e-Vanes are designed to be high precision, zero deadband, reliable, and very low friction.