Residential Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems that can withstand the harshest conditions

Here at Northwest Scada we understand how important it is to reduce the cost of power consumption that comes with off the grid living. Weather you are utilizing generators, fuel or on the grid power, we are here to offer a more reliable and affordable switch to off grid living. Going off grid can be a daunting task to some, however we at Northwest Scada believe in supplying you with the highest quality products to help you meet your off grid aspirations. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for all your off grid desires. We understand how important it is to have the resources to succeed thats why we offer such a wide variety of products. Ranging from our batteries, tailored for your power needs, to our solar powered weather stations, collecting all your weather data, we have you covered. Going off grid is becoming more popular across the nation with more people heading into the world of off grid living. Wether you are located within the city or in the harsh wilderness of Canada, our products are built to function and last. Here at Northwest Scada, we pride ourselves in being the company that has all your off grid needs covered.

Off-Grid Cabin
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