Northwest Scada provides exceptional Installation, Maintance and Monitoring Services.

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Northwest Scada supplies and installs turnkey weather and environmental measurement stations in British Columbia and Alberta. We have different teams of experienced technicians and engineers to perform simultaneous installation work, becoming the installation company with greater projection in the area at this time.

Northwest Scada guarantees the fulfillment of the most demanding international standards in all its operations, being all its technicians properly trained for the installation of any type of meteorological sensor. All our technicians have received the pertinent qualification for the realization of installations, taking excellence and efficiency as fundamental values to carry out their activity.

We offer a fast, efficient and safe service, with a closed budget. To trust in our service of installation of environmental measurement systems is to bet on the quality of one of the most experienced and committed seasoned teams in the world.


By their very nature, meteorological detectors are exposed to very different atmospheric circumstances. Therefore, in order to guarantee the precision, reliability, data quality and durability of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out thorough maintenance of all the devices that constitute them.

Northwest Scada has extensive experience in the maintenance of weather stations with a trained team and the best material means to carry out this work. If you call us, we will come right away to offer you our proven expertise, check and repair if necessary. Fast, effective and affordable!

At Northwest Scada we also carry out repair, adjustment or replacement of those elements of the weather station that do not work properly. We are equipped with the most advanced devices on the market, ready to become part of your weather detector line-up and start providing you with incredibly accurate and reliable data from the environment surrounding your facility.


Managing an automatic weather station may be possible in the first few years using spreadsheets and isolated files, but as the number of stations grows and time passes, it is crucial to have a management program assisted by management tools specially designed for this purpose. There are generic solutions on the market, but they are too general, and their adaptation requires a lot of work without always providing a satisfactory solution.

In Northwest Scada we offer customized solutions, weather stations that monitor the parameters required by each client. Accompanied by the corresponding data acquisition and processing system to complement the station, to have historical and real-time data and a solution for easy visualization and interpretation.

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