Stark Maintenance Free AGM Solar Batteries

Canada Tough – 365 Days a Year

Stark Energy AGM batteries are built with the harshness of the Canadian climate in mind; the Stark SRK-125AGM continues to operate at -40C. They are spill proof and easy to transport. Their advanced absorbed glass-matt design (AGM) ensures that the electrolyte stays close to the battery plates, and recombines gases during charging, allowing Starks to be sealed, maintenance free and spill-proof construction.


  • Sealed lead acid battery classified as non-hazardous material per IMDG
  • Can ship via Purolator or DHL and approved for air transport by IATA
  • Individually boxed for safe transport right to your work site
  • Every battery is equipped with lifting handles
  • Internal threaded posts, hardware, and terminal covers


Stark Energy AGM batteries are built to power equipment 365 days a year. Unlike most AGM standby batteries, Stark Energy comes from a high cycling lineage. Designed specifically for solar and EV applications, they can withstand repeated cycles of up to 300 at 100% discharge and many times that at shallower cycle depth.

The advanced AGM design and spill-proof construction allow for multiple operating positions (except upside down). They can also operate at -40C. Best of all, these batteries are maintenance-free. Over 20,000 Stark batteries are reliably powering equipment all over Canada – don’t settle for anything else.

The key benefit to the Starks AGM batteries over competitive brands is the improved cycle life. Stark’s offer:

  • 1. Cycle life to 100% DOD: Stark 25% Better (>300)
  • 2. Cycle life to 50% DOD: Stark is 50% Better (>900)

Starks offer better life and longer trouble free operation than their competitors. Just compare the specification sheets – if they don’t talk cycle life, they are a light duty battery!