About Northwest Scada

Northwest Scada is Canada’s #1 scada distributor and Canadians first choice when purchasing scada equipment for their project.

Canadians choose Northwest Scada because they make it easy for Canadians to get products without the hassle and time of imports and fees.

Here at Northwest Scada our specialties lie in off grid systems such as weather data, scada systems and system monitoring. Our goal as a supplier is to help our customers find the product they need.


Northwest Scada is committed to providing our customers with exlempritory care. Our employees are ready to assist you and take pride in insuring that the customer is satisfied.

Northwest Scada is a growing leader in small network and industrial monitoring services. Our company is proud to be Canada’s first and only Flex Scada Authorized Reseller and Distributor.

Northwest Scada is a division of T9FD Services.

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